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Install Jekyll on Ubuntu 12.10

Posted 18 Apr 2013

Installing Jekyll is easier than ever on Ubuntu 12.10 using apt-get and gem install. Additional options such as Pygments and Rdiscount can be added with the same methods.

Install Jekyll with Ruby Version Manager on Ubuntu 11.10

Posted 13 Nov 2011

Jekyll generates a complete website such as a blog from plain text files. The generated files can be served by any standard webserver. Markup languages such as Markdown are supported through Gems. Jekyll is made to be compatible with version control systems such as Git. These steps will install Ruby and Jekyll for the current user. Tested on Ubuntu Server 11.10 Oneiric

Blogging with Git using Jekyll on Ubuntu 11.04

Posted 07 Jun 2011

Jekyll is a Git compatible static site generator that can be installed on Ubuntu. The template system can be configured for a blog style layout. Tested on Ubuntu Server 11.04 Natty.

Git Wiki with Gollum and Smeagol

Posted 06 Jun 2011

Git is a revision control system. Gollum is a webserver to work with the repository locally. Smeagol is webserver to publically display the repository pages.

Android SSH Key Auth with ConnectBot

Posted 07 Dec 2010

ConnectBot is an open source SSH client for Android. SSH provides secure access to a remote server. Both password and public key authentication are allowed. A key can be created in ConnectBot for use with the server. The key can be disabled at any time.


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